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Goose Egg

He answered every question wrong in the quiz and got a goose egg.

The crowd were devastated that the game was a goose egg after 90 minutes.

Last month's revenue for the company was a big goose egg.


--- Цитата: DAS от 06 Октябрь 2017, 21:43:10 ---Land the Plane

Said when someone is rambling on about nonsense and is starting to get on your nerves.
Much better than saying "alright get to the point"

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     A very good piece of advice for those who have to listen to many people and try to be polite not to hurt the great talkers' feelings.


--- Цитата: Ann от 14 Май 2020, 23:50:56 ---     Oh, yes! There isn't! And we are staying and staying and staying at home!

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   Oh yes! Nowadays it's more like "There is no other place apart from home"


--- Цитата: DAS от 13 Март 2020, 00:18:54 ---there's no place like hometo have an affinity for one's home over every other place
to say that the home is the best place
The troops finally retreated and the men get to go home to their families now. There is no place like home.
After a tiring day at work it is a relief for me to go back to my wife and kids. There is just no other place like home.

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     Oh, yes! There isn't! And we are staying and staying and staying at home!


--- Цитата: Ann от 21 Апрель 2020, 22:55:39 ---
     I wonder what high rollers are doing at the present moment.
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They are having a hard time I guess..


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