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UPD: Units 2 for 3 and 4 Grades

-1-John and Mary Go to Modern Education School     John and Mary live in the centre of Moscow. They are eight. They go to Modern Education School which is situated in the centre of Moscow Maly Golovin side street. The subject they study are Russian, Mathematics, English. Their father is English and their mother is Russian. John and Mary speak two languages. In the school they learn how to write  and how to read. They are good pupils.
-2-About our School     Our school is clean and comfortable. There are many classrooms in it. There is an assembly hall, two gyms and many special classrooms for studying English.
     Besides there is a special reading room a psychological room a buffet ( a refreshment room) which are very comfortable.
     There are a lot of pictures on the walls. The pictures are made by the painters form Pereslavl - Zalessky, a wonderful town not far from Moscow.

-3-Elementary School     I am a second grade pupil. Elementary school is the time when we learn all the basics: reading, writing, drawing, constructing and singing.
     The subjects we sudy in the elementary school are;:Russian, Mathematics, Literature, English, PE (physical education)and other subjects.
      My favourite subjects are Russian and English.

-4-My School Life      My name is Mary. I want to tell you about my school life. I am a second grade pupil. My class is not big. There are twelve people in it. There are six girls and six boys in it. We are good friends and always try to help each other.
      There are four lessons a day in our school. Today we have Russian, Maths, Reading and PE (physical education). I like PE very much.

-5-How Does John's School Day Go     John's school day starts at 8 o'clock in the morning. He gets up, has big breakfast  puts on his school uniform and gets ready for school.
     He takes a ride to his school with his Dad who works near the school. He arrives at nine o’clock, half an hour before the school starts. He chats with his friends before school starts.
     At 10.50 there is a breakfast time in the buffet.
     At 12.20 there is a lunch time and time for sports.
     The end of the school day is 14.10. It’s time to go home. John’s grandmother is taking him home. He goes to bed at 10 o’clock.

Коллеги, выкладываю 2 юнита для 3 и 4 класса с правками!

Рисунки, фактические исправления внесены, НО! Нужна помощь с нумерацией страниц и оформлением предисловия.




1. Read the text (silently, aloud, in chain, in parts, other variants)
2. Translate the text
3. Ask questions to the text
4. Give the gist of the text
5. Reproduce the text. Learn the text by heart

1. Copy the text (some parts of it, the whole of it)
2. Write questions to the text
3. Write the reproduction of the text
4. Write the dictation
5. Write the plan of the text

Free speech
1. Get ready for a 1-minute monologue based on one of the texts


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