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Английский язык / Re: Military Humour
« : Вчера в 00:02:52 »
Let’s Play a Game

     Two Army second lieutenants started debating over certain distances. One started by saying, “Okay smartass, which one is closer, the moon or Florida?” The second responded by saying, “Obviously it’s the moon — you can’t see Florida!”

He Likes Going to School !

   Father: And, how do you like going to school, son?
   Son: Well, the going bit is OK, the coming home bit is fine too, but the time in between ruins it all.

Английский язык / Re: The use of the forum!!!
« : 17 мая 2022, 23:16:28 »
     And I usually use the branch  "Мнение о нашей частной школе" to which I contribute myself.  I wish you participated in it, DAS.

Keep at Bay

To prevent someone / something from reaching, attacking, or affecting you.
That kid is very problematic; I am doing my best to keep him at bay.

Eating oranges keeps colds at bay.

I wish I liked oranges more!

As the fool thinks, so the bell clinks   

Дураку закон не писан

    In fact, the Russian variant differs from the English one. It's not so bad to be the fool in the English variant.

An army marches on its stomach 

Meaning: An army needs a regular supply of food in order to keep on fighting

     I've been trying to remember if there is a similar saying in Russian. The one I remembered is "Война войной, а обед по расписанию",  which sounds funny and is much softer.


    Sometimes silence might be used to influence people

    And it should be used! There is too much talk in the world nowadays.

Английский язык / Re: The use of the forum!!!
« : 09 апреля 2022, 18:51:49 »
Can't help agreeing. Moreover, every branch is a separate little world
     Could you possibly enlarge upon the statement. What exactly branch is really a "separate little world"?

A guilty conscience is a self-accuser   
Нечистая совесть спать не дает

The saying seems to belong to the previous centuries.

All are not friends that speak us fair 

Meaning: Someone says nice things about you doesn't mean that they are your friend or that they even like you
  Hear! Hear!

Call it a Day

To stop what you are doing because you don't want to do it anymore or you think you've done enough

I am too tired, let's call it a day
It's such good weather, let's stop working and call it a day!

I used to use this expression very often.

В этом году есть интересное направление - «Цивилизация и технологии - спасение, вызов или трагедия?»

     А каким образом в этой теме проверяется знание литературы и грамотный русский язык?

Английский язык / Re: The use of the forum!!!
« : 19 ноября 2021, 23:45:27 »
Looking for state-of-the-art means of adaptation to life changes is the only way out to survive in our fast-moving world!

Unfortunately so. Getting back to the use of the forum statement, the forum  may help you to survive  in our fast moving world because you can use it to create a world of your own.

As for me, I don't mind. I'm all for it!

  Then do it!

A good name is the best of all treasures 

Meaning: Your good reputation is worth more than money

Not anymore!

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