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В этом году есть интересное направление - «Цивилизация и технологии - спасение, вызов или трагедия?»

     А каким образом в этой теме проверяется знание литературы и грамотный русский язык?

Английский язык / Re: The use of the forum!!!
« : 19 Ноябрь 2021, 23:45:27 »
Looking for state-of-the-art means of adaptation to life changes is the only way out to survive in our fast-moving world!

Unfortunately so. Getting back to the use of the forum statement, the forum  may help you to survive  in our fast moving world because you can use it to create a world of your own.

As for me, I don't mind. I'm all for it!

  Then do it!

A good name is the best of all treasures 

Meaning: Your good reputation is worth more than money

Not anymore!


It's much easier to live with such attitude. However, it should be treated with care when it comes to relationships with close people and other essential things.

     Couldn't agree more!

Английский язык / Re: Мода
« : 05 Ноябрь 2021, 23:00:00 »

Зима близко! Пора бы и шапочки начать вязать уже! ;)

     Какие именно? Можно крупный план?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

Лучше синица в руках, чем журавль в небе

It depends!



– worry-free or carefree attitude
– reckless
– relaxed and not worried about the results of your actions


She had a rather devil-may-care attitude towards money which impressed me at the time.
 You must get rid of your devil-may-care attitude if you want to succeed.
 He has a rather devil-may-care attitude to his studies.

This Devil-may-Care attitude to things helps a lot.

A fool at forty is a fool forever 

Meaning: If a person hasn't matured by the age of 40, they never will


To look like a million dollars – выглядеть на все сто

     You always look handsome. And in some pictures you look like a million dollars.

A burden of one’s choice is not felt

Своя ноша не тянет


What People Will not Do

     These are some of the things that people generally will not do. They will not look beyond their own self interest. Their first thought is "where do I come in?" or "what will I gain?" New ideas are hard sledding because people will not accept changes willingly.
     It is considered that people are negative by nature. People will not differ from the crowd.
Doctor Paul P. Parker

Zeal is fit for wise men but it is mostly found in fools[

     Is it? Life is full of other examples.


IF I get it right, we need to remember that 'silence is golden' sometimes.

     Oh, yes! It is. And I am coming to the conclusion that we should try to learn when and how we can use it.

Английский язык / Re: Military Humour
« : 03 Май 2021, 00:16:03 »
I do agree. It's better to ask women. But I can assume, that people these days are satiated with a variety of choices, so the majority no longer know how to enjoy simple things. Which is rather sad.

     And what do we enjoy, if anything?

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