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Let's enjoy some of the English idioms!

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Dear KON,
let me try to choose the correct answer: to get butterflies in your stomach   might have the meaning      to be nervous  - right?

But I need your help to elucidate the meaning of    to be over moon     
( pls give us a hint )

Golubev Oleg

These are some more idioms. Let"s try to choose the correct answer. If you get butterflies in your stomach before an exam - how do you feel? (hungry, nervous,  shy).  If you are over moon, how do you feel? (sleepy,happy, upset). If you are down in the mouth, how do you feel? (hungry, angry, upset). Tom is as cool as a cucumber. What does it mean? (he is very calm; he is fashionably dressed). John is a down-to-earth-person. What is he like? (he is a very short; he is rude; he is practical). Good luck!

Dear Irina,
Speaking about significance of knowing the idioms, I cannot agree with you more!
We can especially enjoy them by understanding exact meaning: "Trying to find a small plane in the rain forest is like looking for a needle in a haystack" (very difficult because it is looking for something small in a very big space)
This might be one of the secrets of expanding our usable vocabulary!
So, idiom is a vital ingredient on labelling disclosure of our mental involvement.
Best regards,
Golubev Oleg

They really help us make our life a bit more funny.What do you say about  the following expressions... "Take it easy", "You are as cool as cucumber", "This problem is  a piece of cake", "You've got a sweet tooth', "Don't let the cat out of the bag". They are not so boring, aren't they?!


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