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Facts about Yuri Gagarin. :shok:1. Yuri Gagarin`s call sign was ``Kedr ``. :lols:
2. In total, Gagarin`s flight lasted 108 minutes.)^(
3. Yuri was only 27 years old when he went to space. [???]
4. Gagarin removed his shoes before first entering the spacecraft. :tarakan:
5. Yuri Gagarin is awarded the Order of Lenin. amen
6. Before Yuri`s space flight, Gagarin wrote a letter to his wife and daughters. podderzka
7. ``Poyekhali`` was Gagarin`s  iconic phrase at take-off from the cosmodrome. protest

Classroom vocabulary[joyful_ghost]
1.May I go out?[
2.May I come in?
3.Sorry,I am late./Sorry for being late.
4.I don't understend,could you repeate one more time?
5.I am ready.Shall I begin?
6.What does "this word" mean?
7.What's the Russian for "this word"?
8.How do you spell this word?
9.How is this word pronounced?
10.Could you help me,please?
11.What page are we on?
12.I was absent on the last lesson.
13.I could not do my homework because...

:shok: Classroom Vocabulary.  :tarakan:1. May I come in? - Можно войти? [???]
2. May I go out, please? - Можно выйти?
3. Sorry for being late./Sorry. I am late. - Извините за опоздание./Извините. Я опоздал/а.
4. I don`t understand. Could you repeat that, please? - Я не понял/а. ВЫ можете повторить это, пожалуйста.
5. I`m ready. Shall I begin? - Я готов/а. Могу я начать?  tanec
6. What does ``...`` mean in Russian?/What`s the Russian for``...``? - Как будет ``...`` по-русски?
7. How do you spell that word? - Как пишется это слово?  :dumaet:
8. How is this word pronounced? - Как произносится это слово?
9. Could you help me, please? -Вы можете не помочь, пожалуйста?
10. What page are we on? - На какой мы странице?  uzhos

                                   Classroom vocabulary kozolmuzh
1.May I come In?
2.May I go out ?
3.Sorry I'm late.
4.What page are we on?
5.What is the English for?
6.I don't understand.Could you repeat that,please?
7.Do you want a hint?
8.Could you help me, please.
9.Thank you for the lesson.
10.Try one more time. [joyful_ghost]

                                                                     tanec classroom vocabulary tanec
1. may i come in?/may i go out?
2. sorry for beign late/sorry i'm late
3. i forgot a pen/textbook, can i borrow one?
4. on what page we are working?
5. what is the english/russian for ...
6. i don't understand this phrase/sentence/ex
7. go to the blackboard
8. we are on page ...
9. not bad
10. try one more time
11. i haven't done my h/w because ...                                                                            uzhos


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